Snagit 2018



Content marketing, instructional design, and content development at all stages of the Snagit customer experience.


Content marketing

By leveraging content marketing, you can reach new users even before they trial with webinars, blog articles, and conference presentations. This awareness stage of the customer funnel is a perfect place to introduce product-agnostic instructional content, establish thought leadership in a target market, and introduce customers to the brand.


Instructional design

New and trial customers needed support in and outside the product. Onboarding and training not only demonstrated functionality, but also inspired customers with use cases and workplace solutions. Instructional content was often repurposed for trial email campaigns, Twitter tips, and Facebook campaigns, or point to it contextually in-the-moment (see image).


Snagit 2018 required more structured learning opportunities. In-product onboarding demonstrated and modeled primary workflows.


Quality screencasts and focused, clear narration helped make these video tutorials accessible and engaging.


Content Development

Learning content makes great marketing. Shows ease of use and demos new functionality.


Enterprise Resources

Customers include IT administrators who need to deploy products to organizations with 50 or more employees. Documentation and contextual content in TechSmith’s deployment tool help administrators navigate these processes, and raw training assets help all companies support end users within their own learning systems.

deployment tool.png