Documentation, UX writing, help authoring, and training for Relay, a lecture-capture software and video hosting subscription service



Prior to moving to an exclusively hosted subscription model, Relay offered a self-hosted option to institutions. This required a technically savvy customer to set up the system on their own servers. Documentation assists them in the setup and customization of the application. End user help was deployed in the product, but also available as documentation on the TechSmith website.


UX Writing

In-product messaging explains errors, requirements, and processes.


Help Authoring

Information architecture and search optimization is crucial to avoid presenting the user with extraneous information. Searchable online help with accompanying visuals helped to simplify complex topics.


Training and tutorials

For the hosted video launch in 2012, I designed a library of tutorials to support end users, and was a traveling trainer for our customer success team. Many of the videos are still on TechSmith’s website, though some have been updated since the initial launch.