TechSmith Academy



Brand development, storytelling, and video production for the TechSmith Academy to increase brand awareness, customer competency, and influence.


Brand strategy

For this project, I assisted with the brand development of TechSmith’s learning space, which we came to call the TechSmith Academy. Everything from goals and methods to tone, voice, graphics, color, music, and delivery was carefully discussed and planned. Matt Pierce and I worked together with TechSmith’s video team to develop learning that thoughtfully leveraged and taught video in new ways within the professional learning space.


storytelling / scriptwriting / content development

For the launch of the academy, Matt Pierce and I collaborated on a Basics series that interwove a lot of metaphor with fundamental video practices and techniques. We really wanted to create something that would not only engage and educate our audience, but also reflect the fun, playful, approachable voice of TechSmith. One of our finer examples of this, is the course called Using a Shot List. Check it out (it’s free).

Some lessons also include job aids or resources to download, some of which I developed. One of those is the shot list template.


Video Production

Though the role was informal, I served as a production assistant for much of the Basics series production cycle, helping out at the shoots (e.g. holding lights, dressing the set, tearing down, etc.). I also acted in a few videos, and recruited and scheduled many of the actors and extras.